Sizing Submission

We, SAVAGE BRIDAL, want to ensure that you have the perfect fit for your perfect day. While we always recommend meeting a local tailor to get your measurements, you can also measure yourself at home (or maybe with help from your friend) by filling our measurement guide form.

Measuring Guides

Before you begin, you need to make sure you have a clothing tape measure, a full-length mirror and ideally a friend to do the measuring. Here are also some other tips :

• Please wear the shapewear and shoes that you will pair with the gown. If you do not have those at the moment, please try your best to wear only one layer of thin, figure-hugging clothing, to get the most precise measurement.
• Stand straight with your heels together and make sure the tape measure is parallel to the ground when measurements are taken.
• When measuring by yourself, wrap the measuring tape from back to front so you can easily read the numbers and make sure the tape is flat against your body. Do not hold the tape measure too tight, it should rest on you the same way you would want your gown to fit.
• Do not fill the form with size based on your anticipated future measurements. Please fill it based on your current measurements. We will send you an email about confirmation size during the manufacture process and you can ask us to adjust the size if there are some changes.
Neck Circumference
Upper Bust
Lower Bust
Upper Hip
Hip Length
Shoulder Length
Shoulder to Nipple
Bust Span
Chest Width
Neck to Waist
Shoulder to Waist
Back WIdth
Shoulder to Shoulder
Back Neck to Waist
Back Shoulder to Waist
Sleeve Length
Arm Circumference
Hollow to Hem
Train Length
All fields of this form are required in order for us to make the perfect fitting dress for you!

Please make sure to watch the measuring guides before filling in your measurements.
Sizing Submission
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